Launch of ISEP’s work in Myanmar

IGC Myanmar

ISEP expands it implementation focussed research to Myanmar, starting with a detailed landscape study of the off-grid electrification ecosystem of Myanmar. The study is supported by the International Growth Centre (IGC) and will have on ground direct presence of ISEP experts in the country. Myanmar is just coming out of the shadows of a regime change and has an less than 35% electrification rate with very low population density. This makes the ISEP project very impactful and relevant as the creation and development of a robust off-grid electrification policy framework is of great import to the Myanmar government and its citizens.

During the study, ISEP will engage local and international experts, practitioners and policymakers to develop a policy brief and framework that would offer the private sector regulatory transparency and certainty, encourage investment in off-grid electrification for rapid rural development, help end users gain access to finance, and strike the right balance between affordability (consumers) and profitability (producers). The brief would summarize Myanmar’s current framework and off-grid policies and programs, which include focusing on distributing heavily subsidized products to households and villages. The policy insights from the brief initiate are also expected to provide a solid basis both for a sustained dialogue with the key authorities on potential policy and program improvements as well as for a more long-term research program on Myanmar’s energy access challenges.

Key stakeholders whom ISEP will engage with and advise with this research would also be the department of rural development (Government of Myanmar), Renewable Energy Association of Myanmar as well as multilateral organizations like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. This project will be completed over the fall this year and the result as well as the report will be available by the end of the year.

ISEPs work follows our earlier engagement on Myanmar through our country brief available here.