ISEP Announces the Power Sector Reform Tracker (PSRT) Database


The Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy (ISEP) has launched a comprehensive, freely available dataset on the progress of power sector reform in 142 non-OECD countries. The Power Sector Reform Tracker (PSRT) contains information between the years 1982-2013 on eight key power sector reforms: liberalization law, corporatization, independent regulatory agency, independent power producers, unbundling, privatization, wholesale electricity markets, and choice of supplier.


“The Power Sector Reform Tracker allows researchers to track changes in the governance of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution over time,” says the Founding Director of ISEP, Johannes Urpelainen. “We plan to update the database regularly every few years, based on the rigorous coding rules and quality assurance protocol we have developed here at ISEP.”


PSRT is a freely available resource for non-commercial use, provided the following data and article citations are included:

Urpelainen, Johannes; Yang, Joonseok, Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy (ISEP). 2018. Power Sector Reform Tracker, V1.

Urpelainen, Johannes and Joonseok Yang. Forthcoming. “Global Patterns of Power Sector Reform, 1982-2013.” Energy Strategy Reviews.

Erdogdu, Erkan. 2011. “What Happened to Efficiency in Electricity Industries after Reforms?” Energy Policy 39 (10): 6551–6560.

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